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Wednesday, 29 June 2011

All That Glitters

Christian Louboutin is seriously pulling it out the bag at the moment. To be honest I thought he was beginning to lose his edge and yes I did get the guilt for thinking this, it was quite confusing and I had to have a quiet word with myself as it was bordering on blasphemy or treason or something along those lines in my bubble of a world. When I first saw the pictures of the new creations I thought I was having an delayed attack of sun stroke from three days ago when I thought the only logical thing to do was to lie in the 30C sun and not move for 3 hours (it wasn't a good look). But no, the picture is not distorted in any way or a figment of Natalie Portman's warped Black Swan mind.

They are infact vertigo inducing 8-inch heeled silk and Swarowski encrusted ballet slippers finished perfectly with of course, the red sole which are to be auctioned off to raise funds for the English National Ballet. Unlucky Natalie. Personally I am more for Mila Kunis, she does not look like a potential serial killer unlike Natalie who just because she starred in a slightly above average romcom with Ashton Kutcher thinks I'll forget she is psychotic. Or a good actress.

Unfortunately if you were now hoping to get your hands on the worlds most inappropriate ballet shoes or thinking you actually stood half a chance well, you don't. The auction which comprised of a lot of unique items from designers including Moschino, Erdem and Julien Macdonald closed at 22:30 tonight. Louboutin explained "I could not help being inspired by English National Ballet, after all, isn't the classical dancing ballet slipper the ultimate heel?" er....well no. It is not a heel at all, the fact that it is a slipper makes it basically the furthest thing from a heel you could find, but please, carry on. "The heel which makes dancers closer than any other women to the sky, closer to heaven!" Ok, I love his shoes but now he's treading on thin 'I have visions when I sleep Lady Gaga' ice.

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