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Friday, 3 June 2011

Wishoe Were Here

Summer's here. I got an excited txt from a friend this morning 'Omg it's 24 degrees outside' WOAH. seriously? 24 degrees in June?? Mental, get your gypsy skirts out ladies, the heatwave is about to hit. I will admit the words "it's not even cold in the shade" did come from me this morning, immediately followed by the frustration of knowing that a British summer is as tempremental as Grace Jones off crack and the likelyhood of the weather lasting was slim. Either way 24 degrees means no more tights, opaque or otherwise or boots. And after an overhaul of my summer shoes I realised the same 2 pairs of ballet flats really arnt working anymore. A phobia of flipflops has meant I've stayed loyal to pumps and abarcas which yesterday I discovered are now being sold in Office. This makes me all different sorts of annoyed. Firstly because for years the reaction I've got from wearing Abarcas anywhere outside of Mallorca has been along the lines of  "what the hell are they on your feet?!" and secondly because the shoes I love so much I have a mini keyring of them are now destined to be worn by the Espadrille brigade.

Realising I needed to wean myself off them I did what any self respecting addict would do and turned my dependency to Gladiator sandles. My love for Gladatior sandles is deeply rooted in my slightly obsessive character. I say slightly obsessive because I'm (not so slightly) obsessed with anything Roman, to the point where I heared Flux by Bloc Party and heard "We were hoping for some Romans" rather than 'Romance'. The highstreet is offering the best selection I've seen since Gladiator sandles took off and of course Cavalli, among others are there to tempt.

Ralph Lauren manages to make Gladiator sandles preppy with the 'Marsha' woven dark brown leather sandles.

Extravagence from Roberto Cavalli with beige leather and crocodile sandles. Not for the PETA meeting.

River Island have over 20 different styles including embellishments, embroidary, dyed leathers and gold metal cuffs.

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