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Friday, 3 June 2011

Don't Shoe Forget About Me

Some people are good at organising, packing, making lists, tidying etc. I am good at none of these things. In the slightest. Organising my wardrobe happens over 2 days probably once every 3 years and when it's done I have a feeling of satisfaction probably equal to that which Mark Zuckerberg must get everyday when he wakes up. Today though, I had the task of unpacking 90% of my personal belongings back into my room at home and apart from the depressing realisation that the biggest pile in my wardrobe was pyjamas, I rediscovered shoes I had completely forgotton I owned.

Hiding in the depths that never see the light of day I found gold glitter high tops, aqua Converse covered in embroidered flowers, studded stilettos and a pair of boots I had totally disowned and replaced. I actually got the guilt. We're all guilty of it, throwing shoes, a t-shirt or an old leather jacket (yep. found one of them too) to the back of the wardrobe and never giving it a second thought and in my case, then buying several identical articles months later. I've been told to be more positive so I took one for the team and got over my guilt in approximately 4 seconds and got that instant win feeling of finding a £10 note in an old bag. Obviously I then got over eager and began trying on every new pair I discovered, which did not really give the best over-all look teamed with a t-shirt probably older than myself and Kermit green pyjama shorts. Standard unpacking uniform. At the moment of discovery I could not think of one single reason I would have disowned these beauties in the first place, I have a horrible feeling time will tell. I have promised myself that I am not going to let the new found appreciation be short lived and will get use out of them. That is until I finally get my hands on a pair of Jeffrey Campbell 'LITAs'...

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