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Sunday, 5 June 2011

Sad Boot True

Sunday night never fails to deliver in the random discoveries department, the kind that are only possible when you are pushed to extremes that only that intense Sunday boredom can lead you to. Obviously you start with the standard 'WTF' and 'FAIL' pictures, cats with ironic captions, demotivational posters etc. But then, you come accross something that makes you forget that picture of the dog with a party hat on forever. This has just happened to me. My first reaction when I saw the following shoes was to instantly think of the Family Guy sketch where Peter Griffin gets acrylic nails "Oh heeey Larhonda, I got four people on hold but sure, I can talk." (youtube it). While I can not think of a single person: celebrity or human, who could pull these off without being plastered all over the 'Fashion disasters' page of all the weekly magazines, I can not help but like them in a weird way. I have not been able to find out who is responsible for this hot mess, or if they actually have anything to do with Nike Air Jordans, the classic shoes which they have been adapted from. If they are from Nike, which I highly doubt as there is not mention of them on their website and they are only for sale on websites with names like '', I would be impressed at them taking a risk. A stupid risk, but a risk nonetheless. Obviously they are a niche market, and could very easily fall into gimmick territory along the lines of Heelies...definitely did not own a pair which I saved up for when I was 11. But there must be a market for them as they are easy to get online.

I have a ridiculously clear mental image in my head of one of those couples who mirror each others style. You know what I mean, the couple walking around town on a Saturday afternoon channeling Jay Z in Wrangler boots and Beyonce in Timberland heels. He's in his Nike Hightops and has bought his girlfriend a pair of these to go with her new Adidas originals jacket. The more I look at them, the less I can make excuses for them. I am now getting the feeling of  despair of sitting through a horrible teen dance film. A stupidly goodlooking young girl who looks suspiciously old for a teenager has to look after her brother and sister in rundown dowtown LA inbetween her shifts at the old peoples home after volunteering at the soup kitchen, finds her only solice in street dance. I have come to the conclusion that these are for the girl whose boyfriend is wearing these creations from Jeremy Scott for Adidas:

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