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Monday, 9 May 2011


Firstly; I like chinos, I own chinos. I like espadrilles, I own espadrilles. However, I am starting to develop a massive grudge for the obnoxious public school boy uniform that is rolled up chinos with espadrilles, and most likely a pink or yellow Ralph Lauren polo. I'll be honest, it probably doesn't help that I've had several people who like to think they started this trend rammed down my throat for the past 10 months and would rather share a bedsit with a bengal tiger than listen to "oh...mate...seriously..mate it was awesome. totes awesome" ever again.
The Chino Brigade

Personal grudges aside though, fashion really does confuse me sometimes. Espadrilles have always made me think of peasants and fishermen from tiny fishing villages in the mediterranean. Now I find myself dancing with my friends to dubstep in a dingey club next to a group of male 20-somethings clutching bottles of Carlsberg wearing...yes..Espadrilles. RED ONES! Like I said I do like espadrilles but not in the UK when its 15 degrees outside and most likely to have been raining solidly for 5 hours. There's a time and a place for everything. And the time for espadrilles is on holiday in Menorca. Yves Saint Laurent, Valentino and Cavalli, among others, have all embraced the Espadrille but obviously, being high fashion nothing is as simple as it seems. The humble espadrille has been refurbished, studded, and perfected into a shoe more at home at the Cannes Film Festival.

Roberto Cavalli doing what he does best - pure glamour


Yves Saint Laurent

 Don't panic if you just want your trusted flats you can find them in every shop you go into at the moment, I'll be buying new ones in Mallorca this summer. But please, and I'm begging, don't wear them to Glastonbury or Reading Festival. Thanks.

These leopard print espadrilles were just purchased by one of my best friends who I have to say, has impeccable taste when it comes to all things animal print/studded/leather related. We clearly share a soul. If you find the leopard print intimidating, the cream crochet shoe is perfecty delicate and understated.

Along with espadrilles, abarcas are traditional footwear in the mediterranean and something which I would confidently say I spend 2 months, perhaps 3 months of the year wearing solidly. These are two of my favourite pairs and as ridiculous as it may sound they are close to my heart.

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