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Sunday, 8 May 2011


Its news to no one that Lady GaGa has championed some of the most unique footwear designs from Alexander Mcqueen. Personally though, I think she killed it. There comes a point where I could not care even slightly less about what shes going to stagger to her car in. Yes, they were shocking and amazing at first, but she's managed to make the Noritaka Tatehana heel-less skyscraper shoes as standard as that one person on a night out wearing a jacket in the club because they think its so amazing they dont want to waste it in the cloak room. Put it away, you're sweating, it's not a good look.

Alexander McQueens creations

 Noritaka Tatehana heel-less platforms

Which brings me to Dsquared. They have totally pulled it out of the bag. Amazingly simple yet effective. Ingenious. The Spine Heel boots have made it to my wallpaper background, although at $1,495 so just under £1000, that will be as close as I'll be getting for now.

And finally, although not the most beautiful shoe over-all, I bow down to Karl Lagerfeld for creating these: the Chanel gun heel. It almost upsets me that this shoe has so much potential but has fallen short. This potentially ledgendary heel looks like it's been stuck on to my Nan's 'family gatherings' shoe. You win some you lose some.

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