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Sunday, 8 May 2011

Shoe Are Joking...

If Ikea did shoes these would be them. Except without the only reason anyone goes to Ikea- the fact that it's a total bargain. I give you the Flat Pack shoe from United Nude.

I know, I thought the name was just an exaggeration too, but these are genuinely, 100% DIY. They are the genius result of a concept by Spanish performance artist Alicia Framis who invited United Nude to design a shoe with the only brief being 'suitable for outer space'. Now I don't mean to be the one to crush everyone's dreams as usual, but that does not look like something I'd be able to assemble in a fully equipped workshop surrounded by professionals, let alone in outer space. Ignoring the fact that the brief is totaly mental, I LOVE this shoe.

Assembley time for each shoe is 10 minutes and unless it comes with instructions as clear as a painting by numbers set for 5 year olds I would probably be about as successful with this as the first time I tried to assemble a Kinder Surprise toy. Nonetheless, it is totally unique and so insane its genius. The idea was to create something high fashion and elegant which would not be limited by the extreme conditions of space such as temperature and pressure and although I've never personally been into outer space to prove it, in my humble opinion, United Nude have done just that, and more.

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