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Sunday, 22 May 2011


On Friday, armed only with my copy of Vogue and a dead iPod to get me through the dullest train journey in existance I made my way from Marylebone station back to surburbia. This journey is so dull, I do it twice a week and have done since January. Why would I want to leave the city I've been in love with since I was 13? Well I have never wanted to, but unless London wants a maniac on the loose anihilating anything in a Polo shirt, or more likely themselves, it was best for everybody.

I was put off buying this months issue of Vogue purely due to the fact Alexa Chung was on the cover. I know, I'm fickle and slightly irrational. But she continued to grate on me in the most intense irritating way when the dullness of the journey left me with no option but to read her interview. I quote, “Blogs are ridiculous; they’re just mood boards – unless you are Tavi.” Right, ignorant and obnoxious? Oh lovely my two favourite qualities combined into one relentless try-hard with undeserved success. Just as I was about to throw the magazine at the suited 50-something opposite me I realised I was in public, got a grip and came across this picture:

It will no doubt amuse my friends massively to know that I later found out this shoe has been named the 'Flamenco' oh the irony. This shoe, and many others are the result of Joanne Stokers SS 2011 collection which is already making waves in the market. I hit google as soon as I got off the bore-wagon and immediately fell in love with the entire collection. London based Joanne Stoker drew her inspiration for the line from a combination of the London skyline and her travels to Cuba- a combination which sounds as compatible as Alexa Chung and myself but which has created a stunning final product. Hot pink, acid lime and electric blue teamed with suede, perspex and python leather, and all from just the designers second season.

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