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Saturday, 21 May 2011

Crazy but Shoe

Well kids we're still alive, congratulations you made it. The End is neither nigh nor is the wrath of God about to pour down on to man kind, panic over. I'm not going to lie the prospect of getting out of my last months rent before my lease ends was actually starting to look like a perk, if you can associate 'perks' with the apocalypse. While discussing the impending doom with a friend, we got on to the topic of heaven and hell and came to the conclusion that we would both be heading for hell as, to quote my friend, "It's where all the celebs, musicians, clubs, hot guys, gays and fit girls will be. Plus, if I'm going to hell I'm going in Louboutins." Priorities are clearly not an issue for someone who only drinks Fiji Water because it 'tastes more watery'...

We stayed realistic obviously, and decided that once the compulsory looting (where's the mass hysteria without looting?) began, he and I would be heading directly to the shoe mecca in Selfridges. So, imagine it for yourselves. You're stood in Selfriges, surrounded by the beautiful shoes you have admired and at the same time resented in the same way you have that irrational hate for the goodlooking girl you always see on a night out but never know where she's come from. -"Who even is she?!" translation: "Please do not be a really nice person because then I will have no choice but to abandon all hope."- Which do you go for? Do you head straight to the obvious Louboutins or run dramatically to Charlotte Olympia and grab a pair of snake skin courts? With the same seriousness and bordering on obsessive detail I invest in planning my imminent Euro Millions win, I decided on a short (or not so short) list of the shoes I would be taking with me to the inferno. And judging by the 'End of the World Update' I've just receieved from my friend, I'd advise you to do the same. No one wants to be the one in the club in pumps because you thought you were just going out for a few drinks and didn't plan ahead.

'I dare you to push infront of me at the bar' shoes courtesy of Charlotte Olympia. Snakeskin design in black soft leather with a gold platform and stiletto heel- check.

Apocalypse or not, this summers biggest trend still applies. Carvela has created the perfect block heel sandle in rust suede.

Alexander McQueen, as if you needed telling. A combination of leather and guilded metal the ankle boots with an embossed leaf motif, baroque-inspired buckles and a gold capped toe, the brand continues to excell in trademark gothic high fashion under the new direction of Sarah Burton.

My latest obsession, Jeffrey Campbell, King of the studded wedge makes my heart hurt with his beautiful creations. The Lita boot, available in 48, yes, 48 different colours and designs is my new 'ultimate'.

Alber Elbaz became more architect and less designer when he created these for Lanvin. The mirrored wedge heel finished with a 'harness style' ankle strap and not fortgetting the studs and rivets made my ultimate Looting List.

One final Jeffrey Campbell offering, to give you sweet sweet dreams free of rapture and doom.

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