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Saturday, 14 May 2011

Uggly or Bootiful?

Despite Summer (allegedly) being imminent no one, including me, has put away their boots yet. Oxford Street is still stuck in February apart from the fact that the Aviator jackets have been replaced with opaque blouses. For once, I'm not talking studded ankle boots with a 5" heel (more on them later), but the timeless flat knee-high. whether tan or black, buckled, zipped or laced, you genuinely can not go wrong. I have always sworn by boots in Autumn/Winter and although it may well have something to do with the London weather, I'm still practically living in them. I still can not, even slightly, understand why someone would chose to wear UGGs over, say, these for example:

A gift from Burberry to you, mere mortal
"Because they're comfortable." No they're not, stop lying. Believe me, I made the amateur error when I was 17 of trying to walk further than from my room to the lounge in a pair of UGGs and ended up getting to Sixth Form looking like I needed specialist orthapedic shoes and ankle supports, not to mention cramp in my feet. What the hell is that about? If they look like something your Grandmother was wearing years ago when she wanted a change from thermal socks, do not wear them out, it's pretty simple. I've also been confronted with the arguement that they're good for cold weather. Well, No. You're lying again. I tested this theory by attempting to walk 100m to the shop in January. I say 'attempted' not because I haven't quite mastered how to put one foot infront of the other yet, but because I failed to make it 4 steps without taking myself out because of the ice on the ground. My leg was bruised, my ego was bruised, it was painful for everyone (just me) involved, so I learnt my lesson. I like to convince myself  that boots are an investment, everyone needs a 'good pair of winter boots' as my Mum would say. "It's important." yes, Mum, yes it is. Chloe and JimmyChoo agree, which is why they have offered us mere mortals with UGG annihilaters.

Now from the practical to the not even slightly practical but inredible creations from Yves Saint Laurent, Givenchy, Louboutin, Stella McCartney and Versace.

The sculpted Cage boot from Yves Saint Laurent hit the Spring/Summer runways in 2009 to instant adoration.

Givenchy took the Gladiator sandle trend to new levels in 2008, probably not the pair to take to the beach.

Self-appointed Louboutin ambassadors the Kardashians have fallen in love with the For Ever Tina suede fringed boots by Christian Louboutin. Don't let that put you off though, the 5.5" heel with hidden platform and almond shaped toe are worthy of the iconic red sole.

It's clear that Stella McCartney was not going for understated or discreet when designing these thigh high perforated boots and for that, I thank her. Perforation detail, a sculpted gun-metal heel and gun-metal trim make all £715 worth of this boot mesmerising. We are promised they 'simply slip on' but as much as I adore them, I highly doubt that. 'Simply' and 'Slip on' are the last words I'd associate with this bordering on inappropriate design.

And lastly Versace doing what Versace does best with this black and white geometric leather cut out boot.

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