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Saturday, 7 May 2011

Wedge Would You Choose?

I have been looking for the perfect pair of wedges for a long time now. I say a long time, I mean since December. Which in obsession time isn't that long. My first mistake was having the exact pair I wanted engraved in my mind, unfortunately these didn't exist. Imagine something along the lines of the studded Jeffrey Campbell black shoe boot but in suede not leather and a higher heel. I came within seconds of buying a pair of Kurt Geiger buckled wedges, so close my friend had to pull me away from an over eager sales assistant clearly working on commission. Why do sales assisstants seem to be bred from a total different specie as the customer? "Hi, are you ok there? Excuse me, can I help you?" - Oh I'm sorry, did I crawl in? I didn't realise I was walking around the shop in an uncontrollable fit of tears. Yes of course I'm ok. Do you want me to tell you about my latest electricity bill? The increasing likelyhood that I wont meet my next deadline? No. I didn't think so... As heels go I have a very clear rule which has ended up in me walking home bare foot more than once: Go high or go home. The last time I decided walking home with no shoes on was a good idea I ended up pulling a piece of glass out of my foot 3 days later- because that's clearly less painful than walking 10 minutes in 6" platforms.

Jeffrey Campbell

After missing the boat on the winter wedge thanks to being brought up with the constant repetition of "never buy the first one you see, keep looking for the one you cant live without" I turned my search to the potential summer love of my life. Now I am faced with a moral dilemma, as karma would have it I find myself in the middle of a love triangle. My faithful life long love TOPSHOP has delivered as always, a beautiful fashion staple which unlike the Jeffrey Campbell wedges, are available when you're trying to survive on a student loan in central London. Once again, the highstreet is begging me to give in to what will ultimately be a debilitating addiction when my student loan progresses to a steady income. By steady income I mean 'who needs hot water when you have Miu Miu sandles' money.

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  1. High heels are a nice and cool,,